Traditional topographic survey data is nothing but a set of lifework. Whereas, drone surveys with our industry-grade methodology include orthophotos, contour maps, a digital terrain model and dense point cloud. The result is a highly accurate visual dataset.

Our high precision GNSS and PPK Systems can help us provide data of up to 15 cm contours. With growing industry needs, our team of 2D Mapping, 3D Mapping and Aerial Lidar experts are ready to serve all use cases.



We specialize in extensive data acquisition through our fixed-wing UAVs and our expertise in large scale data processing. We have mapped over 3000+ sqkms of area, with single projects going over 350 sqkms. Agricultural, Rural and Urban areas need to be mapped for various government departments and companies. We have worked with the Central Water Commission, Irrigation department and municipal corporations.

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: Upto 15000 Hectares

  • Packaging Details: Deliverables: Orthophoto, DSM/DEM, Digital Terrain Model, Contour, Digitised Maps.


The 3-dimensional modelling and representation of important infrastructure, not only provides us with a better understanding of the quality, defects and life of the structure but also allow us to measure volumes and areas of several essential features. The use of drones for 3D mapping of bridges, buildings, electric towers, windmills serves an essential purpose in maintaining these and keeping them running. Human error due to negligence and the risk of human life while reaching inaccessible areas is greatly reduced by this process. Considering all parameters, the 3D modelling of bridges, towers, windmills and high rise buildings turns out to be much more accurate and economical than the existing traditional methods.



LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a surveying method that measures the distance to a target by illuminating that target with laser light to provide highly accurate digital elevation. We at, Hella InfraTech, combines LiDAR with GIS data and other survey information to generate complex geomorphic structure mapping products. It is highly accurate and cost-effective application, which generates accurate height data and intensity images using IMU and GPS data. Drone-based Lidar today is the most cutting-edge technology that can give the highest accuracy while also being cost-effective.

Drone LiDAR Services Include the following:

  • DEM creation.

  • Point Cloud Data Classification.

  • 3D Feature Extraction (roads, buildings, vegetation extent) using Lidar data.

  • Break line & Contour Model creation.


With high land prices and an increase in illegal encroachments, having extremely accurate measurements and demarcations is very essential. We provide up to 1cm/px resolution of maps for such sensitive measurements to clients in the municipal corporations' construction, and real-estate sectors. Slum area redevelopment is the most extensive application of this service.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: Based on the Area of interest and GSD (Ground Sampling Distance)

  • Packaging Details: Deliverables: Orthophoto, Point Cloud, DSM/DEM, Digital Terrain Model, Contour, Digitised Maps.


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